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Soil & Compost

We carry a section of compost and soils for your gardening needs. Use our compost as a substitute for chemical fertilizer and to improve the qualify of the soil in your garden. You can also use our "Rooster Dirt" as a soil amendment prior to putting down sod.

All deliveries are performed with a one-ton truck, we can safely deliver up to 8 scoops of compost or 5 scoops of soil with our truck. For more information about deliveries, click here.

  Rooster Dirt
  • Contains composted chichen manure, pine fines, and oak fines
  • Locally sourced!
  • Use as a potting mix for raised beds or a fertilizer for your garden
      Organic Compost
  • A compost of pig manure, cow manure, and horse manure and includes peanut hulls.
  • An excellent fertilzer for your garden and as a soil amendment.
      Fill Dirt (Field Dirt)
  • Dirt used to fill in any holes in your yard and to level your yard
  • This product is typically Georgia red clay. It is not screened and may contain some grass.