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We carry a wide selection of bulk products for your landscaping needs at an affordable price.

Decorative Stone

For a permanent alternative to dyed mulch or pine straw, try multi-colored egg rock. We also carry pea gravel for walkways and paths.


Use one of our dyed mulches to improve the curb appeal of your home. Mulch your vegitable garden with our in-expensive hardwood mulch. We also carry the same cypress mulch used by many day-care centers and schools.

Sand & Gravel

Use motar sand under the liner of your above ground pool, and our gravel for your driveway. Solve your erosion problems with our Rip Rap (Surge Stone).

Seed Packets from Seed Savers Exchange

A collection of flower, vegetable, and herb seed packages from Seed Savers Exchange.

Soil & Compost

Fertilize your garden with one of our composts or fill in a hold in your yard with our fill dirt.