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Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel have a much higher density than mulches thus will weigh more for a given volume. Due to the weight of the product, most pickup trucks can haul a maximum of one scoop of sand or gravel. Some heavy duty pickups (3/4 ton or more) can haul more than one scoop of sand or gravel.

All deliveries are performed with a one-ton truck, we can safely deliver up to 5 or 6 scoops of sand or gravel with our truck. For more information about deliveries, click here.

Granite Products / Aggregate
  #1 & #3 Granite Gravel
  • The largest size granite gravel available
  • Use in drain field for septic tanks
  • Gravel driveway for heavy trucks and other vehicles
      #5 & #7 Granite Gravel
  • Medium sized granite gravel
  • Useful to improve dirt driveways
  • Aggregate for concrete
      #7 Granite Gravel
  • Small sized granite gravel
  • Driveways, paths, cemetary plot covering
      Crusher Run
  • Useful for mixing concrete
  • Great to improve dirt driveway
  • High compaction, good base material for driveways
      Surge Stone / Rip Rap
  • Erosion Control / Water Control
  • Useful to control erosion and slow rapidly flowing water.
  • Also used for accent your garden or flower beds.
  • Useful for mixing concrete
  • Use as a base for flagstone / cobblestone path
  • Will compact into a stable base
    Sand Products
      Bunker Sand
  • Ultra-white sand, coarser than mortar sand
  • Used by golf-courses for sand traps
  • Can be used as play sand for your children
  • Also useful for underneath the liner of an above-ground pool.
      Mortar Sand
  • Premium white mortar sand
  • Perfect for building brick or stone walls
  • Also used beneath the bottom of above-ground pools
      River Sand
  • Locally sourced, coarse sand
  • Used in sandboxes
  • Soil amendment to improve drainage