Delivery Information

Deliveries are currently available in the Covington and Conyers areas for a minimum fee of $25 per load to a maximum fee of $50 per load. Deliveries are made using a one-ton dump truck, under the terms and conditions outlined below. Deliveries are only available in the local Covington and Conyers areas.

  1. All deliveries are made to the end of your driveway or other paved road, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  2. If requested, we will attempt to unload at the location of your choosing at your home or business provided that you agree in writing to waive any and all liability for any damage to lawn or shrubbery or trees or garden and etc. that such unloading may cause.
  3. Payment for single loads of mulch, sand, gravel, or rock including delivery charge must be complete prior to unloading of the truck.
  4. Payment for multiple loads of mulch, sand gravel, or rock plus the delivery charges will be negotitiated prior to the first load of material being delivered.
  5. To qualify for delivery, you must order a minimum of $100 of material.

Our dump truck can carry up to 14 scoops ( 7 cubic yards ) of mulch or up to 6 scoops of stone or gravel.

Call 770-786-1343 or 404-516-0065 to or click here arrange delivery of your order today